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10 Cute Reasons proving why every family needs a cat

Posted on September 22 2018

10 Cute Reasons proving why every family needs a cat


Most of the families choose dogs as their favorite pets, but cats are not left behind as well. Though dogs are faithful and dominating, they can be scary for kids. Cats can be amazing partners for your kids as they are furry and cute.

Some parents don’t get cats for fear that their children might get some infections. But if you keep your cat clean and get proper vaccinations for them then there is nothing to worry about these little creatures. 

1. Good For Your Health

Amazing Kitty 

They are actually good for your health! Both Physical and Psychological... There are researches that show cats can lower your blood pressure and reduce the risk of dying from a heart attack. Also, they are the best therapists you can have, they listen to everything you say and don´t charge! 

2. Low Maintenance Animals

Unlike puppies and dogs, our feline friend don´t require multiple walks a day or maintain them clean. They do their own grooming and are extremely independent animals that can be left alone at home. 

3. Extremely Affectionate

Cute family pic.

If you already have a cat while expecting a baby, don´t get rid of your kitty because they are the best pets for kids. They are affectionate and overprotective regarding babies. 

4. Playful 

Playful Kittens

According to some sources, cats have a lot of energy stored up since they don´t need to hunt for their food. That´s why they love to play and are the best partners to have for a good playtime day.

5. Clean

They are the cleanest creatures on earth, always grooming themselves so it´s a good animal to have at home. They do their daily hygiene and don´t create a big mess at home. 

6. Great Companions

Cute Kitty.

There are these days you are feeling down and your kitty is the best therapeutic solution to cheer you up. Cats sense when you are sad and stay by your side making your company until you feel better.

Also, they can live for a long time, on average 10-12 years, so as you know the saying "Who needs a man, when you have a cat."


7. Pets for Home

Kitty are amazing animals for Home

They are extremely independent animals that don´t need full attention. You can leave them alone at home for 1 or 2 days if they have access to water, food and of course, their litter box.

8. Intelligent 

They are smart creatures... According to Animal Planet, cats are constantly learning and have a good memory. They just fool their hoomans :D

9. Outrageous Funny

Funny Kittens

You can´t deny that cats have a peculiar personality and they make you laugh with their reactions. You always spend a good time with cats...



Kawaii Kitty

Last but not least important, there is something you can´t deny: they are the cutest creatures on earth. You can resist their cuteness and adorableness! 

HONESTLY, Who can ?


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