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Neon Cat Leggings

$19.95 USD

 - SERIOUSLY NOW, Who doesn`t want a Neon Cat? - 

Wearing these leggings will give you the happiness and energy of all these disco-cats and will make you the sexiest Human around. 

Features and Benefits:

  • A legging design crafted by a Top-class Kitty designers team.
  • A Fashionable and easy to combine pair of Leggings.
  • A SUPERCOMFY pair of leggings you will want to wear everyday.
  • Black Leggings + Neon-cats = Sexy overdose. Use them with caution.
  • Oh-my-PAWS, just picture how Furr-tastic you would look on them! 

Hurry up and get yours now Hooman, we are removing this promotion really soon!

This product delivery can take from 1 - 4 weeks depending on the location. Find more information about this here.