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Formed in 2018, by a cat inspired architect with unconditional love to all Felines worldwide, Kawaii Kitty is a cat crazy company based in Europe. We love furry felines so much that we wanted to create an online brand, sourcing and creating unique cat related products from all over the world, while sharing with fellow cat lovers! We now have the most amazing team to make sure you're always given the attention you deserve. 

Through social media we have grown far beyond our European home, becoming a global community of over 30k Pawsome Fans (growing every day). As of today we have over 75,000 happy customers, both Cats and hoomans!

We’re inspired by the creative, the gentle, the dreamers, our designs, transmit this energy, they embody this spirit. Their unique styles reflect your purffect personality.

It is our mission to allow you to express your Pawsome inner cat lady.

And, above all else, we want you to always be yourself




We are all about helping cats in need. In Kawaii Kitty, we believe that every cat deserves a forever home, that is why we have made it our mission to help these adorable felines in every way we can.

To make this happen, we have recently partnered with pledgeling in their program to help find a forever home for cats in need. If you scroll down this page you will see how many cats we have helped so far, all thanks to our Pawsome community of Cat Lovers!

We also work closely with local shelters by donating essential supplies, enrichment toys, and sponsoring community cat adoption events.

We do it all to help the cats who need it most!

If you’re looking for something cat new, you’re in the right place. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Why Choose Kawaii Kitty?

  • You are looking for the most UNIQUE Cat themed products for you or your cat and you want to get them at the best price.
  • You are a wholesome Cat lover who wants to MEOW your friends with absolute cuteness while contributing to helping cats find a forever home.
  • We strive to get you the latest products in the market, years before they arrive to local stores, if they ever do. We also personally design many of our products and oversee their manufacture so we can ensure you have the best shopping experience, from the online store to the tracking methods and the best quality.
  • You contribute to an Animal rescue fund automatically given to US nonprofits that will make sure many cats finally find a forever home.