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Bow Tie Cat Collar

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Bow Tie Cat Collar


We know your cat is, by far, the most naturally elegant creature that ever lived in this universe and this is why he is the best fit for this absolutely Pawsome Cat Bow Ties! Just picture how ridiculously attractive will your cat look on them, it is just too much!

They are very easy to fit and totally comfortable, so you will easily snap them on your cat and he will not mind at all, which is a major factor. Ideal for showing off your beauty on social media (please, tag us!) or for special occasions. 

The tie comes with a collar attached and fits a 26-31cm neck, a standard for all cats/small dogs.


Cat Bow Tie Includes:

  • 1 Cat bow Tie
  • Easy and comfy fit
  • Available in 6 colors
  • Instant Feline elegance boost

Suitable for neck size: 26-31cm

Designed by Kawaii Kitty