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Cat Eared Pouch Hoodie

$34.95 USD

Cat Eared Pouch Hoodie

We love cuddling our cats, but oh boy do they run away when we try cuddle them! Those furry furrballs won't do that again after you become their absolute favorite Bed, they will just want to be inside the pouch all day long!! Featuring a Hoodie with adorable Cat ears and embroidered feline details in key points, this hoodie comes with a specially designed Cat pouch for you to be a full Cat Mom.

Put your cat (or cats!) in and carry them around, cuddle them, let them sleep....just imagine all the things you can do with them on it, we guarantee you will have the time of your life!!


Comfy Toast Bed Includes:

  • 1 Cat Eared Pouch Hoodie
  • Adorable embroidered Paws in Sleeves and pocket
  • Made of pure cotton
  • Hoodie features 2 furry balls for your kitty to play with them while on the pouch.
  • Easily washable on any washing machine
  • Available in Black, Dark grey, Light Grey, Red and Pink
  • Countless hilarious moments with your cat on it

Designed by Kawaii Kitty