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Cozy Cat Quote Sleepwear

$49.95 USD

 - A cat themed pajamas to sleep everyday on cat style! - 

Every Cat lady knows that the night is a very special moment of the day that we share only with our most beloved ones. This Pajamas will be your perfect Nighty companion as it will provide you with a lot of comfort and the good cozy messages of a Kitty. After all, Every cat would love to spend his 7 lives with their cat mom.

Features and Benefits:

  • The Upper part is a White T-shirt with round neck.
  • The Pants come with a secure comfortable Lace to tie them up. They come on a Dark Blue background color with unique White cats playing with wool balls all over.
  • Its 95% of polyester fabric to endure durability and comfort.
  • Amazing design to sweeten you after long days.
  • They are the perfect gift for every Cat lover.

Get yours now Hooman, we are removing the exclusive discount really soon and the prices will rise again!

This product delivery can take from 1 - 4 weeks depending on the location. Find more information about this here