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Cute Knitted Cat Bed

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Arriving at home and finding your cat sleeping over your clothes inside the closet is super cute, but going to work with a sea of cat hairs populating your clothes isn't so much, right? Buying a Kitty magnetic Bed is the perfect solution and this super cute Knitted Cat bed will just do the trick while being an amazing addition to your home decor, pairing with almost any decoration choices with the variety of colors available and the classy knitted design. 

Sizes (diameter): S: 30cm (11.8") - M: 40cm (15.7").


Cute Knitted Cat Bed Includes:

  • 1 Cute Knitted Cat Bed
  • 30 and 40cm diameters available
  • Machine washable
  • Available in Gray, Light Gray, Green, White, Pink, Red and Blue
  • Give your Kitty a classy bed

Designed by Kawaii Kitty