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Funny Poop-shaped Cat Bed

$34.95 USD

Funny Poop-shaped Cat Bed


We all know cats love to sit and sleep in literally everything. At first, you might think it is super cute to come home and find your cat sleeping in your closet, but going to work featuring a couple of layers of cat hair on your clothes isn't ideal. Now you can encourage your cat to sleep in something more....Kitty appropriate while making your cat the happiest being in the house with this hilarious Poop-shaped Cat Bed! Featuring a very comfy interior, your cat is guaranteed to love his new chilling & sleeping spot in the house!

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Funny Poop-shaped Cat Bed Includes:

  • 1 Funny Poop-shaped Cat Bed
  • Available in Yellow and Brown
  • Tons of funny moments (Tag us in the pictures and make your kitty instagram-famous!)

Designed by Kawaii Kitty