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Kawaii Kitty Journal

$33.95 USD

 - A Journal to keep your Kawaii Kitty style up in the sky -

You always want to be the cutest Cat lady around and we know it, so we have crafted this absolutely Pawsome Journal just for our community of Kawaii Kitty Lovers . A Notebook diary of 50 pages with the cutest cat face close there is.

With this Purrfect Kawaii Kitty Bullet Journal, you will receive:

  • A Unique A7 Notebook that easily fits in backpacks, purses, bags...
  • Built with a durable leather cover on 2 different colors: Pink and Green.
  • Including 50 pages in total to mark all of your kitty daily duties, plan your day or draw cats, like we would mainly do.
  • An Light and easy to get around notebook to MEOW all your friends.
  • The perfect gift for a kitty lover.

Hurry up Hooman! We are removing this promotion really... really soon, so the prices will rise again!

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