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Hanging Cat Silver Necklace

$26.95 USD

- For all Fashionable Kitty Lovers -

Do you want to carry the love for our favorite furry companion always with you? There is a necklace that will fulfill all your desires portraying a cute silver Kitty doing what he likes the most, hanging somewhere in you.

Features and Benefits:

  • You will be sure to get a jealous look by your Furriends.
  • A classy Kitty accesory to wear on any occasion.
  • An allergy free, durable piece of Kitty jewelry.
  • Made of cubic zirconia, an alloy made 92.5% of pure silver.
  • Who doesn`t want to secretly have a cat hanging on themselves at all-times?

And that is not all! Just picture yourself for a second combining this item with other cute kitty accessories from any of our other collections. You d be absolutely stunning!

Hurry up and get the necklace now hooman, we are ending the promotion really soon, so the prices will rise!

This product delivery can take from 1 - 4 weeks depending on the location. Find more information about this here.