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Salmon Fillet Pillow

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We all know cats are crazy about fish, At first, you might think it is super cute to have them looking for tuna cans all over the house or going all crazy whenever you cook some Salmon for dinner, but finding your cat eating your fishy dinner after just looking away for 5 seconds isn't pleasing. While if your cat is THAT crazy about fish, we can't help much, sure he will love this Salmon Fillet Pillow. More kitty appropriate than eating your dinner, this Salmon Fillet Pillow will sure keep your cat entertained while you enjoy your dinner and might even serve her as a cute bed. We guarantee the photos of your cat playing with this will look amazing (Tag us on instagram and we will feature you on our page)!


Salmon Fillet Pillow:

  • 1 Salmon Fillet Pillow
  • Material: Pure Cotton

Designed by Kawaii Kitty